CS:GO Trading Sites

CS:GO Trading Sites are making a huge comeback right now with many well known sites introducing Player-to-Player Trading, better known as P2P Trading! You can basically trade with other CS:GO players 100% risk free and instant. You deposit your CS:GO skins to a site and get coins for your deposit. You can use those coins to withdraw other skins and grow your CS:GO inventory. You can deposit your skins for up to 115% of the original price and withdraw skins that are listed at 100% of their price to make a quick 15% profit on your trades!

Best CS:GO Trading Sites (P2P)

Trading SiteDescriptionBonus CodeRating
CSGOEmpireBiggest CS:GO Trading Site with huge withdraw section, used by high tier traderscsgohowlcom★★★★★
CSGORollNew P2P Trading Site for CSGO, small withdraw section but great profit optionscsgohowl★★★★
CSGO500Big withdraw section, really nice deposit options, perfect for trading any CS:GO skinCSGOHOWLCOM★★★★
CSGOPolygonNearly no skins in withdraw, ok for trading but wouldn't suggest to usecsgocroco★★★

CSGOEmpire – Most Popular CSGO Trading Site

CSGOEmpire is the biggest and most popular CS:GO Trading Site at the moment. With over 4000 skins and knives for withdraw, CSGOEmpire is the biggest P2P CS:GO Trading Site on the internet. You can basically get anything you want from Dragon Lores to Howls to Sapphires or Rubys. Just deposit your skins for up to 112% of the real price and withdraw other skins (price range from 100% to 112% of item price). You can also easily trade for profit on CSGOEmpire by depositing your skins for +12% and withdrawing skins that have no extra charge on them. CSGOEmpire is a gambling site but you don’t have to gamble because the site welcomes traders and doesn’t ban them. However, you need to be active on the site because the cheap skins always get bought quick, so you need to be the quickest to catch a good deal.
Another really cool thing about CSGOEmpire is, that you can actually trade your CSGO skins for Crypto. As you can see on the screenshot below, CSGOEmpire offers you to exchange your CSGO skins for either Ethereum or Bitcoin. You could also sell your CSGO skin for lets say 100$ and withdraw 50$ ETH and 50$ BTC if you would like to. I actually use CSGOEmpire a lot when the Bitcoin price is low, I just sell some skins for BTC and when the Bitcoin price is high, I deposit my Bitcoin to CSGOEmpire and withdraw more expensive skins. This method is really easy to use and you can grow an insane CSGO inventory doing this.

CSGOEmpire Withdraw Section

CSGORoll – Small but great P2P Trading Site

CSGORoll just opened their doors to P2P Trading, but there are only a few traders on the site so far, so you should not use this site if you are looking for a very special skin. However this site is really good if you want to catch a good deal. You can basically use a filter and order by “Best Deals” which will automatically show you the skins with the lowest extra charge. You can deposit your skins for 115% of their real price and make 15% profit by withdrawing a skin, that is up for withdraw at 100% (normal price). Another really good thing about CSGORoll is that you can deposit with Crypto, so you can actually buy skins with Crypto using CSGORolls P2P system. The only downside is that you can’t withdraw Crypto on CSGORoll, you can only withdraw skins.

Other Sites with CSGO P2P Trading

The first thing you need to know before you read about the sites below is, that some of the sites mentioned are basically gambling sites with cool P2P Trading sections and some are P2P marketplaces, where you can also sell your skins or buy skins for real money. The problem with P2P marketplaces is, that most of them take fees (2% – 10%) and some even take more fees when you want to cash out some or all of your earnings. Gambling sites on the other hand don’t take any fees on your trades, because they expect you to start gambling, which will make you lose money and get them profit. However, some gambling sites still take a cashout fee, you have to check that before you use a gambling site to convert your skins to real money.

Conclusion: Gambling sites are better for trading, but can take fees when you cash out. P2P marketplaces always take fees, no matter if you want to sell or trade your skins. This basically means that gambling sites with P2P withdraw/deposit are better for trading and marketplaces are better for selling and cashing out skins.

Trading on Rollbit and Duelbits

Rollbit and Duelbits are two fairly new CSGO gambling sites with huge P2P Trading sections. However, those sites are not really trusted by the community and they are connected to real casinos that offer slot games. As most of you might know already, slot games are not like Roulette, Crash or Coinflip where you actually have a decent chance of winning. Slot games are made to make you lose most or all of your money in a short time, while being really addictive.
Both sites are licensed in Curacao and have verified e-gaming licenses. So if you manage to stay away from playing slots and only use these sites for trading, those sites can be great. Both sites have huge withdraw sections, literally filled with everything you need: Rubys, Sapphires, Emeralds, Dragon Lores, Medusas, Howls, Gungnirs and thousands of other high tier skins and knives. They also have tons of lower priced skins available for trading. Check out the Trading section of Rollbit and Duelbits on the pictures below:

If you want to deposit on Duelbits, you can set a custom price from -10% to +10%. You can deposit your item for +10% and withdraw items that have -10% price to make a quick profit of +20%. This method is used a lot by many high tier traders and if you actually put in the time and effort you can trade your way up to a pretty good looking knife for your inventory.

If you want to deposit on Rollbit, it is basically the same process as on Duelbits: Select your item, edit the price as you would like to have it and wait for a buyer. Rollbit is way bigger than Duelbits, so it is actually a lot easier to trade for profit on this site than it is on Duelbits. You will also find a lot more skins and many more players that want to withdraw your skins faster, which is good because this way you don’t have to wait too long.