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CSGOJackpot.net – The best Skin Jackpot

CSGOJackpot is a nice new site if you want to play CS:GO Jackpot games with real skins. On most other jackpot sites you can just bet with coins that are worth some money and not with real csgo skins. Gambling is a lot more fun if you use real csgo skins instead of coins. CSGOJackpot.net gives you exactly this feeling like in the good old times with CSGOShuffle, CSGOHunt and CSGOReaper. The website is really easy to use and looks really cool. You just deposit your csgo skins over steam to the site, the skins will end up in your site inventory. You can deposit the skins into the pot from your site inventory or just withdraw them. Withdraws are processed manually and you have to wait 8 days before you get them because of the steam item tradehold. The tradehold basically makes csgo skins not tradeable for 8 days after being traded once. That is why you have to wait 8 days before you will get your items from the CSGOJackpot.net bot.