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CSGO500 Promo Code – Get free spins and bonuses

By using an promo code on CSGO500 you get free spins and bonuses on many different games. The free spins give you free BUX, the currency that CSGO500 uses. After claiming your free spins, you can use the BUX to play games. Our favorite game mode to play on CSGO500 is their original game: Wheel.

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CSGOJOKERUse the promo code provided by CSGOJoker to get free BUX and free bonus spins on CSGO500CSGO500.comCSGOJoker
GAMBLINGNETUse the promo code provided by CSGOGambling to get free BUX and free bonus spins on CSGO500CSGO500.comCSGOGambling
CSGOCROCOUse the promo code provided by CSGOCroco to get free BUX and free bonus spins on CSGO500CSGO500.comCSGOCroco
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Is CSGO500 legit?

Yes, CSGO500 is a 100% legit and licensed online casino. CSGO500 Casino is allowed to offer gambling services to players in many different countries. However, due to the fact that CSGO500 uses a license issued by Antillephone, you can’t access CSGO500 from some countries. Antillephone is authorized to issue gambling licenses by the government of Curacao. Furthermore, they are also regulated by the government of Curacao. Excluded Territories include but are not limited to the Netherlands, France and the USA. CSGO500 and 500 Casino are operated and owned by Perfect Storm B.V. This company is based in Fransche Bloemweg 4, Willemstad, Curaçao where other big gambling sites like CSGOEmpire and Stake are located as well.

CSGO500 Trustpilot Reviews

CSGO500 users left over 500 positive reviews on their Trustpilot page. This results in a great Trustpilot rating, CSGO500 gets 4.4 out of 5 stars. However, there are 8% bad reviews that are usually written by players that lost a lot or by players that can’t withdraw due to restrictions. Therefore, you should always check if CSGO500 accepts players from your country before you start playing on the site. Users from the United States for example are not allowed to play on CSGO500.

CSGO500 Trustpilot Reviews
CSGO500 scores 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

CSGO500 Games

First of all, CSGO500 has tons of cool games that you can play. You can use our CSGO500 Promo CodeCSGOHOWLCOM” to get 500 BUX and try them out for free. Our personal favorites are Roulette, Crash, and Blackjack. Another great thing about CSGO500 is that their games are provably fair. This means that they can’t rig anything. If you lose a bet, you lost it randomly and it was bad luck. If you win a bet, you won it randomly and it was luck. They can’t rig the games and make you lose. However, this only applies to CSGO500 exclusive games. Slots and Live Games are created by third-party providers and they are not provably fair.


The Lucky Wheel is the original game mode that made CSGO500 special from the beginning. When the site launched in 2016, everyone was playing this game. Here is how it works: Players can bet on grey, red, blue or gold. Grey is the most common color, paying out x2 if it hits. Red is a bit rarer, paying out x3 if it hits. Blue is really rare and pays out x5 if it hits. Gold is like the Jackpot of the Wheel, it pays out x50 if it hits.


Even though it is similar to their Wheel game, CSGO500 also offers a simplified Roulette game. In this simplified Roulette game, you can bet on single numbers. You can only bet on red, black, or green. Furthermore, green is not as rare as in regular Roulette. Green pays out x14 in this simplified version instead of x36. Red and black pay-out x2 and are pretty common to hit.


Crash is one of the most popular game modes amongst CS2 gamblers. It is also one of the most popular game modes on CSGO500. As with every other CSGO500 original game, Crash is provably fair. If you don’t know what Crash game is, here is a short explanation.

You basically bet your BUX on a multiplier that keeps going up. You can press cash out to multiply your stake with the current multiplier. Let’s say you bet $5 and cash out at x2 that would mean you win $10. However, if the graph crashes before you manage to press cash out, you lose your bet. You can also set a fixed multiplier as auto cash out, to avoid losing your money because of a bad internet connection or lag.

Match Betting

Of course, you can also bet on professional CS2 matches on CSGO500. Match Betting is not really gambling, it is like regular sports betting. In the same way many people bet on the outcome of professional soccer or basketball games, you can also bet on CS2 matches. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t bet on matches if you don’t know which team is good and which team is bad. But if you are really up to date on what’s happening in the CS2 pro scene, Match Betting can be very rewarding. Just make sure that you only bet on matches where you are pretty sure about who is going to win and avoid 50/50 matches.


A new addition to the CS2 Gambling universe are the Slot games that you can also play in other online casinos. CSGO500, Duelbits, and Gamdom were the first sites that added Slot games to their site. You can play all well-known classics like Sweet Bonanza, Book of Dead, and The Dog House on 500 Casino. The Slot games on CSGO500 are provided by third-party companies like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Play’n Go, and other gambling software developers.

CSGO500 Slots
You can play many cool Slot games on CSGO500.com

CSGO500 Referral System and Promo Code

If you would like to earn more BUX to withdraw cool CS2 skins, you can use the CSGO500 referral system. After inviting some of your friends, you earn a commission every time they place a bet. You can earn up to 30% commission! However, you only earn 30% of the house edge of CSGO500 as commission. Let’s make this easier with a quick example: The house edge of the Wheel game is around 5%. That means, that if your friend places a 1000 BUX bet, CSGO500 expects to get 50 BUX profit. Now you earn 30% of that which means you get 15 BUX. Easier as it sounds, right? Check out the screenshot below to find your CSGO500 Promo Code and your CSGO500 Referral Link:

CSGO500 Promo Code and Referral Link
CSGO500 Promo Code and CSGO500 Referral Link

FAQ about CSGO500 Promo Codes

How do you get free Bux on CSGO500?

You can get free Bux by claiming the free rewards. Free Rewards include Rakeback and Level Up Rewards. By leveling up your account you reach higher reward tiers which means you get more free Bux. Furthermore, you can unlock the rewards by using our affiliate link or our promo code “CSGOHOWLCOM”.

How do you enter codes on CSGO500?

You can enter a promo code in the “Rewards” tab that you can find by clicking the small arrow down next to your name. Furthermore, you can enter voucher codes in the “Deposit” tab. Click on the red “Deposit” button at the top of the page, then enter your voucher code. Press “Claim” to get your reward.

Is CSGO500 legit?

Yes, CSGO500 is a trusted CS2 Gambling Site and Crypto Casino. Furthermore, games on CSGO500 are provably fair and the site has a Curacao gambling license.