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There are two different types of CS:GO Jackpot Gambling: Coin Jackpot and Skin Jackpot. The skin Jackpot was very popular before Valve introduced a 7 day tradehold on traded items. After that tradehold update, most Skin Jackpot sites died and had to close. Now the sites had to find another way, to make CS:GO Jackpot playable again so they invented the Coin Jackpot. Coin Jackpot means, that you deposit your skins and get coins for the value of your skin/skins. You can deposit the coins into the jackpot and hope that you win. If you win money you can use your coins to withdraw other skins. If you play Coin Jackpot, you will not get your own skins back, if you are lucky you get other skins. If you play Skin Jackpot, your items will go directly into a site inventory or into the Jackpot. From the site inventory you can deposit them into the Pot whenever you want. You can not choose your skins, if you win. If you win you get every skin in the Pot, but you can’t exchange them for any other skins.

SiteDescriptionBonus Coins CodeGamesRating
CSGOFastCoin Jackpot with store + crypto withdraw5VO75A-CSGOJackpot, Roulette, Crash★★★★
WTFSkinsCoin Jackpot with store withdrawcsgohowlcomJackpot, Roulette, Crash★★★
EZRage.comCS:GO Gambling | Jackpot / Coinflip | Deposit/withdraw EthereumCSGOHowl (+5%)Jackpot★★★
GamdomCoin Jackpot with crypto withdrawcsgohowlcomJackpot, Roulette, Crash★★

Coin Jackpot Sites

+ You can choose your skins
+ You can instantly withdraw after winning
+ Bets can be made more precise and don’t depend on skin value

– You don’t get your own skins back
– Sometimes withdraw sections only have ugly skins
– No real skin feeling, just “money” or “coins”

Skin Jackpot Sites

+ Instant betting with your own skins
+ Nice feeling while betting
+ You can target skins in the pot that you want

– You can only get the skins in the pot
– You have to wait 8 days until you can withdraw
– No precise bets possible

Which site is Coin Jackpot, which site is Skin Jackpot?

CSGOFast.com is both, you can bet coins or skins in their CSGO Jackpot mode.
CSGOJackpot.net is a Skin Jackpot site, you get no coins for your skins, you can only bet CSGO skins.
Gamdom.com and WTFSkins.com are both pure coin jackpots and they also include VGO skins sometimes.

Skin Jackpot
Coin Jackpot

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