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If you feel like upgrading your CS2 inventory with fresh skins, you should visit datdrop.com right now. And as a little thank you, you can get a 5% bonus on your first deposit by using the DatDrop Promo Code csgohowl” Just click on the plus sign next to your username and choose “Promo Code”. Now you can type in “csgohowl” and click “USE NOW”. Now you can deposit and enjoy your 5% bonus.

How to use a DatDrop Promo Code
How to use a DatDrop Promo Code

DatDrop – The top-of-the-line website for CS2 Case Opening

DatDrop is a CS2 Case Opening website that enjoys increasing popularity. This is mainly due to the extremely active community which makes the site especially interesting. The most popular game mode is Case Battle opening, whose games are filled with players very quickly. Furthermore, DatDrop is considered to be safe and legitimate. DatDrop achieves an average score of 4.3 out of 5 stars and has over 1000 Trustpilot reviews. New members benefit noticeably from using a Promo Code, while others can take advantage of DatDrop’s affiliate program for themselves.

DatDrop Popular Cases
DatDrop overs a variety of CS2 Cases including knives, gloves and other skins.

CS2 is becoming more and more popular – so is DatDrop

With an average of almost 600,000 active players, Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) leads the top of the charts on Steam in 2024. This is not surprising, since the first-person shooter game offers competitive gameplay in its purest form.

In the classic mode, two teams, each consisting of five players, play against each other. But unlike in many other games, the basic conditions at the beginning of each match are always the same. No participant can gain a general advantage such as faster running speed, more damage dealt, or more resistant armor. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already completed thousands of hours of gameplay or are starting to play Counter-Strike for the first time. It’s only in the course of a match that the weapons and equipment you choose will determine your personal play style. CS2 is 100% skill-based, you can’t pay to gain an advantage (aka Pay-to-win).

Why playing CS2 is more fun with Skins

In order to stand out from the crowd, many players apply so-called skins. These skins don’t change anything when it comes to the gameplay, but they embellish the equipment you use. A Desert Eagle, for example, is already impressive in itself. But with a great skin on it, it becomes a personal statement. Our personal favorite: The Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon.

In the course of time, passionate gamers have a variety of options to get hold of the coveted skins. Various Case Opening websites offer much cheaper alternatives than the game itself. Moreover, if you open cases in the game itself, your options are very limited. You have to buy a case and a key, which costs around $2,50 in total. However, you are most likely going to get a very cheap skin out of the official CS2 cases, worth around $0,10.

At the top of the list is DatDrop. Here, gamers cannot only open boring cases but look specifically for the skins they want. And that’s not all: DatDrop also offers lots of bonus promotions, promo codes, an affiliate system (invite your friends), and much more. All this is protected by a provably fair system that makes sure that all outcomes are random and the cases can’t be manipulated.

DatDrop: How does it work?

On DatDrop, cases of different categories can be opened selectively. Since the website is a third-party provider, you first have to fill up your balance before you can open cases. DatDrop cases cannot be paid for via Steam credit.

DatDrop offers a variety of ways to unbox skins. Battle Opening is the most popular. In this game mode, several users compete against each other. Your opponents can be other random users, but you can also create private sessions and invite your friends to the Case Opening Battle. The rule is: The winner gets everything and the losers still get consolation prizes.

Battle Opening explained

The game principle of Battle Opening is simple:

  1. For each round, a different box is chosen.
  2. Each participant opens the case at the same time (automatically).
  3. Once the specified number of rounds has been played, DatDrop calculates the total market value of the items won within the game.
  4. The player with the highest amount not only keeps his own items but also receives every skin unboxed by the other participants.

Thanks to this surplus of skins, you cannot only get one of your own coveted items but also make additional profit by reselling the unwanted items. But not every case on DatDrop costs you money. Every 24 hours registered users can get a free bonus crate. Loyalty is also rewarded here. If you play on DatDrop a lot, make sure to use our DatDrop Promo Code before you deposit, to get the 5% bonus. Otherwise, playing on DatDrop will be really expensive in the long run.

How to deposit money on DatDrop

A DatDrop account basically works like a prepaid account, which means that before you can unbox anything you have to add balance first. Since DatDrop focuses on the security of its customers, only certified services are used for this purpose.

Users can deposit via:

  • Skinpay
  • switchere
  • G2A Pay
  • GameMoney
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Gift Cards

Depending on your location, you might have even more deposit options like Skrill, UnionPay, Neteller, Zen Pay, Trustly, and many more. In addition, new customers are rewarded with a first-time deposit bonus.

Popular DatDrop Alternatives

Among the most established case opening websites are:

  • CSGORoll
  • Hellcase
  • Farmskins
  • DaddySkins

Our personal favorite is CSGORoll. They offer a variety of cases that is comparable to the amount that DatDrop offers. Furthermore, it is provably fair, trusted and has a great Trustpilot rating (4.6/5). You can also use our CSGORoll Promo Code to open three cases for free. You have the chance to win an AWP | Dragon Lore in each of those free cases.