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DatDrop – the new way to open cases

DatDrop is a cool Case Opening Site where you can deposit Crypto to open CS:GO cases. You can get Crypto by selling your skins on marketplaces like Skinbay or Bitskins. After opening Cases, you can withdraw your winnings in Crypto Currency and use the Crypto Currency to buy skins on those marketplaces. So you can gamble and get real CS:GO skins out! You can also get a free bonus by using our code csgohowl on DatDrop (5% deposit bonus). Check out all the nice cases that you could open:

DatDrop Popular Cases

DatDrop is Provably Fair

DatDrop uses a Provably Fair system to prove, that they can’t manipulate the outcome of opening the cases. You can usually trust sites with a Provably Fair system more, than other sites that don’t have a provably fair system. This also means, that you have the chance to win good skins out of the cases. DatDrop will still take house edge, so over the long run you will lose money, but in theory you have the chance to get the best skin out of your first case.

If you want to support us, please make sure to use our code csgohowl and deposit once.