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CS2 Gambling gamemodes explained

CS2 Gambling is pretty similar to normal gambling but players are using CS2 skins to gamble instead of money. There are many different gamemodes which we will explain in detail.

On CS2 Jackpot sites you can bet your skins instantly against other players. For example, if I deposit a skin that is worth 100$ and someone else deposits a skin that is worth 50$, I have a 66% chance to win and the other player has a 33% chance to win. Now the site picks a random winner, the winner gets all the skins in the jackpot.

On CS2 Roulette sites you deposit your skins and get coins for the value of the skin. So if your skin is worth 35.32$ you get 35.32 coins on the roulette site. You can now use your coins to bet on black, red, or green. If you bet on green and the roll hits green, you get your bet multiplied by 14. If you bet on red or black and the roll hits your color, you get double your bet. For example, if you bet 1$ on green and win, you get 14$. If you bet 7$ on black or red and win, you get 14$.
A good CS2 Roulette site is CSGORoll, you can use our code CSGOHOWL to get 3 cases for free.

CS:GO Roulette
Roulette on CSGOEmpire

On CS2 Crash sites you deposit skins and get coins for the value of your skins. You can now use your coins to bet on a graph, that shows a multiplier that increases quickly. If the graph crashes, you lose all of the coins that you have bet. If the graph goes to the number you want and you press the “Cashout” – Button you win your coins multiplied by the crash factor. So for example if you bet 10$ and you cash out at 3.5 you win 35$, if the graph crashes you lose 10$.
A good CS2 Crash site is CSGO500, you can use our code CSGOHOWLCOM to get 1$ for free.

CS:GO Crash
CS2 Crash on CSGO500

On CS2 Case Opening sites you can deposit skins or deposit money to get balance. You can use your balance to open cases, just like in CS2 on Steam. The cases have skins in them and the odds to get a nice skin or knife are a lot higher than in regular CS2 cases. The cases are more expensive or less expensive, depending on how much you want to spend. There are also cases with only knives in it for like 80$ on most sites. If you think about opening cases, use a Case Opening site, don’t use the in-game cases.
A good CS2 Case Opening site is DatDrop, you can use our code csgohowl to get 1$ for free.

CS:GO Case Opening
CS2 Case Opening on DatDrop

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