How to get free skins for CS2

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This guide will look at the different options that you have, if you want to get free CS2 skins. Nowadays, you actually have many great options. Some options require more time and some require less. Others are luck based, some are basically easy work that you have to do, to get your skins. No matter what method you prefer, you will find a great way to get free CS2 skins in this guide.

Earn free CS2 Skins

One of the most common ways to get free CS2 skins is to earn them. There are many different sites out there, that will reward you with CS2 skins if you complete some easy tasks. For example you would have to download a game, complete a survey, play a mobile game or register on a website to get your bonus. Some tasks will give more points (which means better skins), some tasks will give less points. Usually if tasks take longer you will get more points/coins for them. If you do multiple tasks daily, it is actually possible to get a knife at the end of the year. For example if you try to get 3$ daily, you can get a 90$ knife after just one month.

However, there are some disadvantages to the earning method.
The first disadvantage is, that the skins are not really free when you have to work for them. Yes, all the tasks can be done over your PC or your mobile phone, but you will still have to waste some time. If you would work a regular job instead of doing tasks for the same amount of time, you would probably get more money. The tasks will only pay out amounts around 0.80$ for tasks that take like 10 minutes. If you calculate this to an hourly wage, it will be less than any other job.
The second disadvantage is, that you have to fill your phone up with mobile games, to earn rewards. You can also take surveys only, but downloading mobile games usually gives more coins. – The best earning site?

One of the most popular sites to earn free CS2 skins is If you are wondering why they are so popular, you will find the following text really interesting.
Over 3000 daily users trust Freeskins, because the site is really good overall. They have super fast support, easy-to-do tasks and free bonuses that you can claim. Their skin store is filled with the most popular and best looking CS2 skins. You can get them after you have earned enough coins and they will instantly send them to your inventory. You usually have to wait less than 15 minutes until you get the skin. - Earn free CS:GO skins

When it comes to other withdraw options, they got near everything that you could wish for: Amazon giftcards, v-Bucks, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Steam giftcards and of course PayPal.
Freeskins only works with legit offer providers and they have great support in case you run into a bug. OfferToro for example is a really good provider for downloading apps. If you are more into surveys, try AdGateMedia or RevenueUniverse. usually offers a bonus on one of the providers, so if you use this one you get more coins.

Get free Skins on CS2 Gambling Sites

There are actually great ways to get free skins on CS2 Gambling Sites. The only downside to this method is: You have to deposit to withdraw. However, you can collect the bonus, deposit once and withdraw more instantly so this way the bonus is actually free.
Let’s show this with an easy example: Most sites require you to withdraw at least 5$ before you can withdraw. Most sites offer a free bonus of around 0.30$. This means you deposit 5$ once and withdraw 5.30$ without gambling before. This way you are unlocked for withdraw and didn’t lose anything. Now you claim your daily bonus case every day until you have enough coins to withdraw free skins again.

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