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All about CS2 Roulette Sites

Roulette is probably the gambling community’s favorite mode. You deposit your skins on a CS2 Gambling Site like CSGOEmpire and get coins for the value of your skins.
You can bet the coins on three different options, in most cases the options are red, black, or green or like CT, T, and Dice. The chance that it rolls green (or dice) is really low but if you bet on it and it hits, you get your bet multiplied by 14 so you can make like 140$ by betting only 10$. If you bet on red or black (CT or T) and it hits you get your bet doubled, but you have like a very high chance to get your bet right (47%).
For playing safe, betting on red and black and not on green is the best strategy. The best way is to stick to one color and keep betting on that color. If you want to play risky, you should bet on green because your profit will be very high if you hit it.
Check out our list of CS2 Roulette Sites below:

Roulette SiteDescriptionBonus Coins CodeGamesRating
DuelbitsTrusted CS2 and Crypto Roulette SitecsgohowlCrash, Roulette, Slots★★★★★
CSGO500Cool x50 Roulette SiteCSGOHOWLCOMRoulette, Crash★★★★★
CSGOEmpireBest CS2 Roulette SiteCSGOHowlcomRoulette, Coinflip, Match Betting★★★★★
CSGORollGreat new CS2 Roulette Site with instant skin withdrawCSGOHOWLRoulette, Coinflip, Crash★★★★★
CSGOFastRoulette with many other games5VO75A-CSGORoulette, Jackpot, Crash and more★★★★
GamdomPopular site with many gamescsgohowlcomRoulette, Jackpot, Crash★★★
WTFSkinsCool looking Roulette sitecsgohowlcomRoulette, Jackpot, Crash★★★
CSGOEmpire - CS:GO Roulette Site
CSGOEmpire is one of the most trusted CS2 Roulette Sites

CS2 Roulette strategy

The first thing you need to know: There is no way to make a profit all the time on CS2 Roulette Sites. Obviously, the sites want to make money and that is why most of the players need to lose money, so the site doesn’t lose money. The house edge is around 6.66% for every color. If you want to know how to calculate this, here is how:

One of the 15 possible fields is Green, which means Green has a chance of 1 in 15. Green pays x14 if it hits. This means you need to calculate 1/15 and the result x14. Your overall result is going to be 93.33 … this leaves a house edge of 6.66 …

Red and Black have 7 of 15 fields each and payout x2, which means you calculate 7/15 and take the result x2. Guess what, the overall result is 93.33 which leaves a house edge of 6.66.

If you don’t know what a house edge is, that is the amount the site gets when you place a bet. So if you bet 100$, the site gets 6.66$ (average), and if you bet 10000$ the site gets 666$. If you keep playing forever you will lose around 6.66% on average. This can be lower or higher, it is still random but in the long run, it is likely that you are going to lose at least this percentage of your money.

The Martingale betting system

Anyways there is a way to have a quick profit on roulette sites, if you use the so-called Martingale method. First of all, that method is simple and useful: You start with a base bet, let’s say 1$. Now you bet on red or black or anything else, that gives you a double payout. So if you win your first bet you make 1$ profit (from 1$ to 2$). However, If you lose, you double your bet. So you bet 2$ now and if you win this bet you get 4$. In this case, you have bet 1$ and 2$ and you won 4$, so you made 1$ profit (3$ to 4$). This means as soon as you win, your base bet is your profit.

This method is very safe if you want to get a little profit. Please notice, that you really need to have a big bank to back it up. For example, if you only have like 100$ your base bet should be 1$ or lower. This helps so you don’t lose everything when you go on a losing streak.

The “One-Time-All-In” method

This method is super risky and super rewarding if you win.
You go to a roulette site and deposit all your skins for coins. Now you just bet everything on red or black (CT or T on CSGOEmpire). If you win, congratulations your inventory is now worth double the money. If you lose, that is unlucky and you lose all your skins. I would NOT recommend this method if you really care about your skins.

CSGO500 Roulette

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Common Questions about CS2 Roulette Sites

What is CS2 Roulette?

CS2 Roulette is a game that you can play on many CS2 Gambling Sites. You can bet on red, black, or green and win coins. If you win, you can exchange those coins for CS2 skins.

Where can I play CS2 Roulette?

You can play CS2 Roulette on websites like CSGOEmpire, CSGORoll, CSGO500, Gamdom, CSGOPolygon, or Duelbits. However, in some countries, you are not allowed to play Roulette online.

Is CSGORoll legit?

Yes, CSGORoll is legit. Their CS2 Roulette game is provably fair and you can deposit and withdraw CS2 skins. The site has been trusted for many years and hasn’t had any scandals or problems in the past.

Is CSGOEmpire legit?

Yes, it is. CSGOEmpire is the most trusted CS2 Roulette website and it was one of the first CS2 Gambling Sites.

What is the most successful CS2 Roulette strategy?

There are no perfect strategies, the house always wins. However, we personally like the Martingale strategy. The idea of this strategy is to double your bet every time you lose. If you win, you keep betting the same amount.