CSGORoll Promo Code 2024

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CSGORoll is one of the best CS2 Gambling Sites out there because it is open to players from the USA and other countries that usually don’t have access to CS2 gambling sites. By using our CSGORoll Promo CodeCSGOHOWL“, you will receive 3 free cases. You can open a case and have a very small chance to win an AWP Dragon Lore. The other skin you can receive in this case is a P250 Sand Dune. Nonetheless this a great opportunity to receive free CS2 skins.

Promo CodeFor WebsiteBonus
CSGOHOWLCSGORollOpen 3 free cases and get a 5% deposit bonus
CSGOJOKERCSGORollOpen 3 free cases and get a 5% deposit bonus
FREEGAMBLINGCSGORollOpen 3 free cases and get a 5% deposit bonus
CSGOCROCOCSGORollOpen 3 free cases and get a 5% deposit bonus
CSGOSUITECSGORollOpen 3 free cases and get a 5% deposit bonus
Check out our video tutorial on How to use a Promo Code on CSGORoll.com

How to use a promo code on CSGORoll

  1. Sign in through Steam
  2. Click on “Rewards”, the green text in the top navigation
  3. Type or copy CSGOHOWL in the promo code field
  4. Click CLAIM

You can also just click our link to CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Promo Code
Enter promo code “CSGOHOWL” and click “claim”.

Why should I play on CSGORoll?

You can decide for yourself, which site is the best one for you to play on. However, if you live in the United States, you don’t really have a choice. Most CS2 Gambling Sites don’t accept any players from the USA, besides CSGORoll and WTFSkins. The problem is, that WTFSkins doesn’t really have a good promo code. Therefore, you should use CSGORoll. If you are locacted in Europe or other countries besides the USA, you can choose between many sites. Here are some reasons to gamble on CSGORoll:

  • All game modes on CSGORoll are provably fair
  • You can open free daily cases based on your level, higher levels can open more free cases
  • By using a Promo Code on CSGORoll, you get the chance to win a free Dragon Lore
  • CSGORoll has one of the biggest instant skin withdraw stores
  • They accept players from the United States and many other countries
  • Their house edge is pretty low, around 5% on most games
  • You can open cases, play Crash, Roulette, Coinflip or roll Dices
  • There are many great giveaways that you can enter for free
  • Verified by iTechLabs which means they’re provably fair

Benefits of using our CSGORoll promo code

Try games for free

You can try games like case battle for free on CSGORoll by using our promo code, that way you can see for yourself if you enjoy using the website and the different services. This involves no risk of losing money whatsoever. Other game modes on CSGORoll include Crash, Roulette and Plinko.

Crash is a game where a multiplier increases the value of your wager. The multiplier keeps increasing until it suddenly “crashes”. If you withdraw from the game before it crashes, you can keep your multiplied reward. This game requires no skill whatsoever, you just need a bit of luck and timing.

Roulette or better called “Roll” is a gamemode where you basically bet on a color, red or black. If the roulette wheel stops at the color you bet on, your wager will be mulitplied 2x. However you can also bet on green, where your wager will be multiplied by 14 if you win. Green will appear much less on the roulette wheel, so it is a riskier bet. Your last option is the BaitBet, this will trigger if the roulette wheel stops one step before or after green and it will multiply your wager by 7.

Plinko is a super simple game mode. Chips will enter a pachinko-like board from the top. They will trickle down until they finally reach a multiplier. The 3 multipliers in the middle actually decrease the value of your wager, so you lose some of your coins. The outer multipliers all increase your value with the ones on the outside of the board increasing your wager 34 times. This means a theoretical wager of one coin can turn into 34 coins with a bit of luck.

Best way to get started in CS2 gambling

CSGORoll is super easy to use. This makes the website very attractive for beginners who want to get into CS2 gambling without even depositing real money. CSGORoll use their own currency, if you actually want to deposit real money it will get converted to coins. These coins are used for all games on the website plus you can convert them to CS2 skins and transfer them to your CS2 account.

The Plinko game mode on CSGORoll

CSGORoll Trustpilot Reviews

One of the most impressive things about CSGORoll is that the site averages a 4.5 rating and has over 1700 reviews. That is an excellent score for a CS2 Gambling Site, as these sites usually get low ratings. While happy users won’t take the time to review the site, players that lose money are going to leave bad reviews. This makes the insane 4.5 stars rating even more impressive. Personally, we can totally understand why players love CSGORoll so much. We totally agree, the site is just super nice.

CSGORoll is also verified by iTechLabs which is an independent testing laboratory for gambling websites. This means all the games on CSGORoll are provably fair and use actual randomizer systems to ensure users aren’t being ripped off.

CSGORoll scores 4.5 out of 5 stars and has over 1700 Trustpilot ratings.

What do I need to use a Promo Code?

To use a promo code on CSGORoll or any other site you only need an account on Steam, our code (CSGOHOWL) and you have to own CS2. If you don’t own CS2, have Steam Level 0 or a private steam profile, you will not be able to sign in on the site. This means you can’t claim a promo code. However, you can just set your profile to public, add your API key and trade link and you are going to be able to redeem a promo code. After that, you can withdraw your coins or keep playing on the site. But in most cases you will only get 0.01$ out of your free case. Therefore, you have to play a little bit to get more in most cases.

To reach enough coins to be able to withdraw a skin, we suggest you to play Crash. Play crash with your 1 cent that you got by using our code CSGOHOWL and aim for 2x multipliers. You just need to have some luck to be able to withdraw. But please notice, it is more likely that you lose your 0.01$ than winning something. In conclusion, most of the time you will have to deposit if you want to keep playing. However, we don’t encourage you to gamble! Only play with “fun money” that you can afford to lose. Never ever play with money that you need.

Promo Code, Referral Code or Bonus Code?

You might have heard about referral codes, bonus codes and promo codes. These words don’t really have a different meaning in most cases. For instance, CSGORoll doesn’t really make a difference. They call it promo code, which is why we call it promo code in our article. However, it is basically a referral code because we get a commission and it is also a bonus code, because you get some free coins, if you use it. On the other hand, there are some sites that have a referral code and a promo code. You get some free coins for using the referral code and you get some bonus % on your first deposit if you use a promo code.