CS:GO Case Opening Sites

Case Opening SiteDescriptionBonus CodeGamesRating
FarmskinsBest CS:GO Case Opening site with skin and Crypto withdraw!CSGOHowlCase Opening★★★★★
HellcaseBiggest Case Opening site with many other gamescsgohowlCase Opening, Upgrade, Battles★★★★
CSGOFastOnly some cases to open but many other games5VO75A-CSGOCase Opening, Roulette, Crash★★★★
DaddyskinsCase Opening Site with deposit bonuscsgohowlcomCase Opening★★★

Why we use CS:GO Case Opening Sites

CS:GO Case Opening Sites are a way to open cases and get CS:GO skins outside of CS:GO. The odds to get good skins or a knife are way higher than on regular CS:GO cases. If you open a case in the game, you will always need a key. One key costs around 2,50$ which is really expensive. You will most likely get a skin that is worth around 0,50$ out of it. On CS:GO Case Opening Sites, you can open cases for 0,30$ up to 200$ for very high tier skins. For example you can open a case that will give you a 100% chance to get a knife for 79,99$ on Farmskins or for 67$ on Hellcase. The only problem is that some CS:GO Case Opening Sites don’t show the odds which makes it hard to choose if you want to open a case or not. Overall you will still get better skins if you use Case Opening Sites instead of the official cases in CS:GO.

Is Farmskins the best Case Opening site?

Farmskins is surely one of the nicest sites that I have ever played on. The site has very good cases, some of them give you a good chance to get nice skins and they have very fair prices. They give you lots of options to fill up your balance and you can withdraw the skins to your steam inventory after some days. If the skin isn’t available at the moment, you can swap it for other CS:GO skins or you can withdraw in Bitcoin if you want. They give you 1$ for free if you use a promocode like our code “CSGOHowl“.

Farmskins Cases
Hellcase Cases