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Gambling’s Newcomer: WTFSkins

WTFSkins is one of the more recent CS2 Gambling Sites and is well-known in the CS2 gambling community. WTFSkins is still online in 2020 and withdrawing works well, which is why lots of daily users trust this site. The site offers the same withdraw system as CSGOEmpire, so there is a direct withdraw for CS2 skins and an option to request skins. The store to directly withdraw CS2 skins on WTFSkins is very empty most of the time, so we suggest you to use the request option to withdraw skins. The skin store is huge and you get the items in 8 days or even earlier. If you are looking for really basic skins, you will maybe find them in the direct withdraw section, but if you are looking for knives and really expensive skins they will most likely be in the big store and you have to wait some days.