CSGOEmpire is the best gambling site at the moment. It offers roulette and match betting gamemodes. You can use our code:


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Why is CSGOEmpire the best gambling site ever?

CSGOEmpire has the best provably fair system and has always tried to expose fishy sites that scam users. They have a huge withdraw section and a very nice support system that always replied fast when I had any problems. They have a daily case that you can open every 24 hours to get free balance or a free skin for your inventory.
CSGO Empire offers instant withdraws but also some that you have to wait for a couple of days. They have thousands of nice skins in their withdraw section, maybe the biggest skin store of all gambling sites.

In the Roulette gamemode, you can bet on CT, T or Dice. CT and T double your bet if you get it right, Dice multiplies your bet with 14 if it hits. The roulette rolls every 18 seconds and has a very nice animation.
The Match Betting
gamemode is new, you can bet your CSGO Empire coins on professional CS:GO matches, like Dreamhack, Katowice, ESL Cologne, ELEAGUE or Starladder. If you bet on the team that wins, your coins get multiplied with the multiplier shown below the team name. Match betting is a pretty good way to get some nice profit if you know a little bit about the pro scene in CS:GO.