Use code CSGOHOWLCOM to get 1$ for free

Why you should use our Code on CSGO500

CSGO500 is a fun site for playing a special roulette, crash or duels (2 to 4 players bet and the winner gets all). Using our Code will give you !$ for free to test the site and try the different gamemodes. Crash and roulette are the most fun modes to play on CSGO500. The roulette is a special roulette with four different colors: Black is *2, Red is *3, Blue is *5 and Gold is *50. So you can basically play low risk and bet on Black, if you bet 10 coins and you win you get 20. If you want to go higher risk you can go red and get 30 coins by betting 10 or you bet on blue and get 50 coins by betting 10 (if you win). Gold is the color for people that want to play super high risk and high reward. Only bet on Gold if you are feeling really lucky because it gives times 50 payout if you hit it but it is very unlikely to hit.

Depositing on CSGO500

Depositing is really easy on CSGO500: You can deposit CS:GO skins, VGO skins, crypto, H1Z1 skins or Dota2 skins. Nearly every known crypto currency out there can be used to deposit on the site. The coin system is different to other csgo gambling sites, 1$ equals 1000 coins on CSGO500. They give you a fair amount of coins for depositing and they also have a level system and you can increase your level by depositing and playing on the site. The higher your level is, the higher is your daily reward. The daily reward is the amount of coins you can claim daily and for free.

Withdrawing on CSGO500

CSGO500 has a CSGO marketplace with tradelocked items, similar to CSGOEmpire. You can also withdraw your coins in Crypto or in VGO skins, even Dota2 and H1Z1 skins are possible for withdrawing. Obviously we think that most players are looking for csgo gambling sites and want to withdraw csgo skins and CSGO500 is really good for that. The marketplace literally has all the skins you could ever wish for and really is one of the biggest CS:GO marketplaces we have ever seen on a gambling site.